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Where It All Began

The legend starts here...

Where It All Began

Latrobe Country Club is the home of one of the greatest golfers to ever play the game—Arnold Palmer. The golf legend learned his values and the game of golf here as a child. His father, Milfred (Deacon) Palmer, who served as superintendent and later head golf professional, first showed him how to grip a club on this property. It was a lesson, and a place, he would cherish for the rest of his life.

When Arnold was a boy, the family lived in a home beside the course's present fifth tee. He worked for his father on the course and in the golf shop, becoming proficient in all phases of golf. He stole whatever time he could to practice and play the game. By the time he was a teen-ager, he had become, first, the community's and, shortly thereafter, Western Pennsylvania's finest player. 

A string of amateur titles in Western Pennsylvania and Ohio and in collegiate competition, while he was attending Wake Forest University, led to his dramatic victory in the U.S. Amateur Championship at Detroit in 1954 and his decision to turn professional later that year. 

Mr. Palmer’s heart was always in Latrobe, so following his professional success with included many awards and honors, along with 92 professional golf titles, he purchased the club in 1971— perhaps one of the most important business deals from his own personal standpoint.  He lived here, worked here, and spent many of his days entertaining his family and friends here.

The Palmer family’s signature is found everywhere you look. Nine of the holes were designed by Deke and Arnold. Memorabilia from the life of Mr. Palmer adorn the walls of the clubhouse. Awards, recognitions, iconic photographs and tournament hardware are found at every turn.

From the very beginning, the club was to be the pulse of the community. A place that friends from all walks of life could gather, compete and enjoy the serenity. We’re proud to continue that legacy today.

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